I tell you something...

You know that the band in your hands is all designed by us children?

You don't know how much fun we had to design the Koke graphics, choosing the colors was a blast !! Not to mention the names of the bands;) The name of our crew instead was invented by Sveva, who when she was just over 1 year old, said "koke" which for her meant "Cuddles and Heart".



The Koke bands are 100% designed and created in Italy. From cotton to yarns, from design to labor. All!

When the rolls of fabric are ready, the real fun begins with scissors and sewing machines: mothers help us cut, aunts and grandmothers take care of the seams and labels. When everything is ready we package and ship at the speed of light!


They consist entirely of organic cotton.

Speaking of cotton, we tell you a very short story: Did you know that cotton is a plant with a thousand uses that has been cultivated and processed for a very long time. It all begins with the collection of seeds that are inserted into a gin to separate dust, earth and leaves. A fiber is then obtained which is collected in large bales; these "clouds" pass into another large machine which, by rolling up small pieces, obtains a long thread which is then used to weave. This thread is inserted into the loom, which is the machine that produces our bands, weaving the threads in two directions: the weft and the warp. Mom says thousands of threads are used for every inch of our swaddling clothes!!
We chose cotton because it is natural, biodegradable, ecological and recyclable. It is very soft, light, but has the strength to support us when we are tired.
Hey ... Tell your mom to try planting cotton seeds so you can discover this amazing plant!


We love to test!

We take care of checking and testing every Koke band in every bizarre way possible. We have a lot of fun: D:D