"our wraps are super soft 🐼"


We only use combed cotton! The experts told us that the textile fibers of the combed cotton are sorted after being carded and this type of processing makes the fabric more noble .... Just like a queen!


  1. the fibers are selected, eliminating the short ones.
  2. the fibers are oriented in one direction only..
  3. the residual impurities of carding are eliminated.
It is the perfect fabric for all garments that are in contact with the skin, given its super softness. It does not create allergies, it has a shiny, soft and not very hairy appearance!

Wow! How we children like it!☁️

You opened the package, unroll your new band and ..... Oops, I'm wrong size ... it's very long!” 😳
Don't worry, everything is under control! We reveal a secret: our fabrics are in pure combed cotton, they contain no traces of synthetic fibers, so it is normal to have a shrinkage of up to about 5-6 after the first wash. This loss is physiological and cannot be eliminated, but we always see the glass as half full! This is the confirmation that the Koke bands are actually made of 100 cotton and that they do not contain other fibers of synthetic origin. You can breathe a sigh of relief!





If you choose size 4, you will receive a size 4 with the addition of 30 cm. So, after the first wash, you will have your headband exactly in the size you have chosen!


"Some advice for our baby bath!"

Cotton is a strong fabric, which withstands years of normal washing and drying, as we are high quality Koke bands, we recommend that you pay a little extra attention, so you can pamper yourself for as long as possible.
Choose a lukewarm wash cycle, try to use mild detergents and, please, never use chlorine-based bleach! Avoid using fabric softeners because they chemically react with cotton fibers, shortening our life. Softeners inhibit the functioning of our fabric by coating our yarns with a chemical that artificially softens us and prevents us from absorbing moisture and therefore "breathing". If you have to put us in the dryer, set a low temperature because the strong heat cooks our yarn and makes us lose its natural softness, we prefer the sun's rays!e!
Last tip: pamper us as much as you can, only in this way will you make us really happy!



And this to show you that we do things right!