"Hi! Let me introduce myself ..."

I know you can't touch me but trust me I'm the softest headband you've ever hugged!

I am made up of thousands of threads per square centimeter…

I was born in Italy and are made 100 from very soft combed cotton..

& gt; find out more!

On my label you will find the instructions for my baby bath ...💦

& gt; any suggestions!

Not all of us wear them: I have these beautiful rings that will make it easier for you to move!

I have already told you, but I find it a splendid thing: my drawings have imagined and created them my children I have six who pamper me all day, every day ... ❤️

My sisters and I have super wow colors, can't you find?

 & gt; discover them all!

I love children, I like to wrap them up, cuddle them and feel their breath relax when they are about to fall asleep ...💤