That's who we are!

Linda. Web designer. 10 years.
Curious about everything that is beautiful. I enjoyed choosing the funniest photographs and the wowest colors.

Gaia. Designer. 8 years.
I love to doodle and I'm the creative of the crew. All the designs are the fruit of my imagination.

Kai. Social media manager. 7 years.
I was born in New York, I'm bilingual ... so I don't have a hard time dealing with communication!

Olivia. Fashion designer. 4 years.
My magical hands choose the most beautiful and softest fabrics.

Ian. Production manager. 4 years of pure energy!
I create and destroy boxes, I love to scotch and cut. Twine, wrapping paper and labels are my weakness.

Sveva. Creative director. 3 years.
I can't read or write yet, but I'm never silent. The name Koke It's all my merit!!