Attentions, cuddles, warmth, containment, touch are all vital needs for a newborn. The need to have constant contact begins in the first weeks of life in a mother's belly.

Babywearing can be considered one of the most effective ways to respond to this vital need. Using a sling already in the first days after birth gives the newborn the feeling of continuity between life in utero and extrauterine life. In what sense In all SENSES..

At the sixth week of gestation the bases of smell and taste are determined, the ability to perceive smells and tastes is perfected..

The headband then becomes a treasure chest to store the mother's scent and flavor that has always been well known to the newborn. The smell of the mother, of which she keeps a very vivid memory, facilitates the adaptation of the newborn to the new life..

At the eighth gestational week the baby's skin is complete this means that, from that moment on, he begins to perceive everything that surrounds him, he learns to know himself and that wall that delimits and protects him. With a restraining and nurturing attitude, the parent can make the sensory overload that the newborn faces less traumatic.

The fascia then becomes an envelope, a uterus that welcomes, protects, cradles, relaxes and soothes that sense of immense emptiness that a newborn perceives around him, delimiting the boundaries that until recently were defined and palpable.

From the eighth to the twenty-fourth gestational week, the ear begins to outline its functions: initially it perceives sounds, first as slight vibrations then as sounds that it learns to recognize; subsequently the vestibular apparatus is perfected, therefore everything related to rhythm and

The band then becomes an amplifier of reassuring sounds, the beating of the mother's heart: it is there that the rhythm of the sleep is marked, as it did in everyday life in the belly, and the sound of that known beat protects it from all those noises that before they were distant and muffled. The movement, the step of the mother who knows perfectly now cradles him in the extra uterine life.

At the twenty-sixth week the eyelids finally open and from then on it will be able to react to the play of light and shadows. Sight is the last sense that is formed and actually the newborn for the first period after birth will not rely mainly on sight but on his most ancient senses..

The band then becomes ... Well there is no one "then" here! Since the eye also wants its part, it is worth choosing a beautiful headband but that will be the mother's job!!

Continuity, respect for sensory overload, containment will help the newborn to settle into his new reality, snuggled and intoxicated by familiar touches and scents.

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